Awning Hopper Window ReplacementAwning & hopper window replacements make beautiful and unique additions to any room of a home. They add value to your home as well as help you save money by increasing your home’s heating & cooling efficiency. All of our awning and hopper replacement windows are constructed from vinyl frames which form a tight seal to effectively minimize air transfer and heat loss. The Low-E glass also increases energy efficiency by reflecting the heat from the sunlight, keeping extra heat from entering the home. These energy saving features will make a noticeable difference in your heating and cooling bills.

Awnings are designed to swing inward, hinged from the top, while hoppers are hinged from the bottom. This design allows air and sunlight to come in while keeping rain out. In addition, it makes for easy cleaning while giving a touch of architectural design to your home. Basements and bathrooms are ideal spaces for awning and hopper replacement windows. If you’d like to find out more information, please give us a call today!

Why Choose Green T Windows?

Made in USA Certified
Energy Star Approved
Good Housekeeping Seal
AWDA Approved
  • All American. They’re manufactured locally, using components made in The USA, by people living in The USA!
  • Composed of 100% pure, virgin vinyl. This provides longevity and beauty with no cracking, chipping, or peeling!
  • Energy efficient. Made with multiple airtight chambers in the frame and sashes, redundant layers of weather stripping, and a variety of insulated glass options!
  • Built to last. Made with the industries best hardware for easy, dependable operation for years to come!
  • Professionally installed. With minimum of 7 years of installation experience, our fully insured professionals take pride in what they do!

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