Windows Average Cost Recouped: 72.85%

Vinyl Window Replacement (Premium)

With a 72.84% average return on investment, combined with the superior energy efficiency of high performing glass packages, premium vinyl replacement windows are considered more appealing then ever before.

With Premium vinyl window replacement jobs costing an average of $13,970, a homeowner can expect to add $9,969 to the value of their home.

The robust return on your dollar, superior energy efficiency options, and wide selection of colors and finishes, makes premium vinyl replacement windows a wise long-term investment any time of the year!

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Vinyl Window Replacement (Midrange)

In Chicagoland a typical homeowner can expect to recoup an average of 74.3% return on investment from vinyl window replacement.

With an average vinyl window replacement job costing $10,448, a homeowner can average a $7,762 to the value of their home. A higher quality vinyl window will generally return a greater percentage to the value, especially those that mimic textures and colors of traditional wood frames.

In addition, the maintenance cost (painting, staining) of vinyl is far less then its wood counterpart, including the substantial savings that can be achieved on the energy bill through IECC certified replacement*. Overall, vinyl window replacement has an excellent savings potential and return on investment.

Siding Average Cost Recouped: 74%

Vinyl Siding Replacement (Premium, Foam-Backed)

Foam-backed or solid–core vinyl sidings are a “best of both worlds” approach to the residential exterior cladding market.

When you add their premium appearance, substantial “R” (or insulation Resistance) value, minimal upkeep, and superior warranties to its average return of 69.5%, foam-backed vinyl is emerging as a powerhouse in the cladding market.

Premium foam-backed vinyl can increase the “R” value of some homes by as much as 40%! Average replacement costs for premium vinyl siding replacement are $15,449, and a homeowner can average a $10,733 value added to their home.

Fiber-Cement Siding (Premium)

Fiber-cement replacement is considered an “upscale” job in the Chicagoland area. Under that category, fiber-cement siding ranks #1 for replacement recoup with an average return of 79.4%.

Average replacement costs are $14,314, and a homeowner will average an $11,358 return on home value. As opposed to midrange vinyl siding, fiber-cement is more robust, and actually can produce great savings on energy bills.

In addition to its energy savings, minimal maintenance and upkeep can produce substantial savings when compared to a similar project in cedar siding. House painting and rot replacement on wood siding, can cost on average of $1,500 – $3,000 and is recommended every 3-5 years.

Quality fiber-cement siding boasts extremely durable paint finishes (warranted 15 years for color fading) and does not rot. Fiber-cement siding produces excellent resale value, and is an overall outstanding product.

Vinyl Siding Replacement (Midrange)

Vinyl siding replacement in the Chicagoland area is also near the highest home maintenance return on investment projects.

Coming in at 4th on the list, the average homeowner gets a 73.1% return. Average costs for midrange vinyl siding replacement are $12,236 with an average of $8,944 return on home value. Energy savings aren’t as substantial, but paint maintenance and upkeep savings definitely add-up with average house painting and rot repair costing $1,500-3000.

Vinyl siding replacement is a great choice for reduced home maintenance and beauty.

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Doors Average Cost Recouped: 77.85%

Steel Entry Door Replacement

Steel entry door replacement is the top of the charts in Chicagoland as one of the highest return on investment potential with an average of 86.3% return on your dollar.

Although not as substantial as windows, energy efficient steel entry doors can also save you money on your energy bill by reducing drafts and providing better insulation.

With high resale value and energy efficiency, steel entry doors are an overall excellent value.

Fiberglass Entry Door Replacement

Even with a slightly lower percentage of initial return on investment then a similar steel entry door, fiberglass has become a prominent player in the replacement arena.

With its warmth, beauty, and “real wood” appearance combined with an impressive 69.4% return more and more Chicagoans are deciding that fiberglass is the way to go. Although probably not as substantial as windows, energy efficient steel entry doors can also save you money on your energy bill with better insulation and draft reduction.

With high resale value and energy efficiency, steel entry doors are an overall excellent value.

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*All products sold by Green T meet the (IECC) Illinois Energy Conservation Code standards
*Figures based on Remodeling Magazines 2015 Cost vs Value Report for East North Central averages