The Benefits of Effective Air Sealing for Your Home

While many homeowners may not immediately notice air leaks around their home, the effects of the air leaks are very noticeable. 

Homes that are not properly sealed tend to have higher utility bills and are more susceptible to moisture damage which could cause structural issues or lead to mold growth.

Making sure that your home is properly sealed throughout is very beneficial as it could help lower your utility bills, improve the comfort of your home, and help decrease its exposure to moisture.

If you believe that your home is not sealing properly, make sure to inspect areas where air leaks are common to look for and repair any problems.  The most common areas for air leaks include drilled holes for pipes or cables, attics and basements, and windows or doors that are not properly sealed.

Holes or gaps in these areas can be repaired with gap-filling materials such as caulk or weather stripping and if your windows or doors are not sealing properly, they can be replaced to form a better seal.

The following are important benefits of making sure your home is properly sealed.

Lower Energy Bills

Homes that are not properly sealed are consistently losing air which means that the heating and cooling is leaking out.  This causes the HVAC system to work harder and turn on more often to get your home to the set temperature.

If your home is sealed properly, the HVAC system will heat or cool your home more efficiently while using less energy which will result in lower energy bills.  The increased efficiency of the HVAC system will also make your home feel more comfortable.

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Less Moisture

Improper sealing not only causes air to leak out, but it also allows moisture or water to leak into your home.  Excess water or moisture can lead to a range of problems such as warped wood and drywall and mildew or mold growth.

Homes that are sealed properly have a much lower risk of developing these problems because they prevent excess moisture from getting in.

Vinyl Replacement Windows Improve Sealing

If your home has old windows, replacing them with vinyl replacement windows can drastically improve the air sealing.  Green T Windows provides and installs several styles of vinyl replacement windows that help improve air seepage by forming a tighter seal that lasts longer than the seal formed by windows with wood or metal frames. Many of our windows also have insulated glass options to reduce air seepage even further.

Inspect your home to make sure that it is properly sealed throughout and if you are losing air through old windows, contact Green T Windows for our vinyl replacement windows.