Cleaning Methods for Vinyl Siding

The harsh winter weather is now subsiding in the Chicago suburbs but after a long winter, the siding on your home may appear dull or dirty.  Homes with wood siding require plenty of maintenance and may even need to be repainted to restore its color but vinyl siding is much easier to maintain and will not fade in color or warp like wood siding can.  While vinyl siding is mostly stain resistant, a long winter like the one we just had could still leave the siding looking quite dirty.  The following are tips to effectively clean your vinyl siding and boost the appearance of your home.

  • If there is grime or soil buildup on the siding, it can be cleaned with a garden hose, soapy water, and a soft brush or cloth.  Use the soapy water and the brush or cloth to scrub the siding lightly to loosen the dirt and grime and then spray the siding with the garden hose to rinse away the soapy water and dirt.  Washing the siding from the bottom up will get the best results.
  • If you discover that one of the panels of your vinyl siding had been cracked or damaged over the winter, contact Green T Windows for a replacement panel.  One of the benefits of vinyl siding is that single panels can easily be replaced.
  • Stains that are not removed with soapy water can generally be removed with high pressure rinsing.  However, you must use caution to avoid high pressure rinsing for prolonged periods of time and make sure you do not high pressure rinse other fixtures and surfaces.

The vibrant colors and striking appearance of vinyl siding can add a lot to the look of a home but the dirt they accumulate over the winter can make the color look dull and diminish your home’s overall appearance.  Fortunately, vinyl siding is very easy to clean and by following these simple tips, you can have your siding looking new again.   If you would like more information regarding the maintenance or installation of vinyl siding, contact Green T Windows.