The Benefits of Replacement Windows with Low-E Glass

About Low E WindowsThe windows of a home are often replaced for one or both of these reasons: to improve the overall appearance of the home and increase its energy efficiency.  

The vinyl frames of new replacement windows can greatly improve the situation on both fronts but coated Low-E glass can really boost the energy efficiency of a home.

The coating on Low-E glass prevents the sun’s UV rays from entering the home which brings several benefits in addition to increased energy efficiency.

Green T Windows offers a variety of new vinyl replacement windows that all feature Low-E glass.

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The coating on Low-E glass windows works by stripping sunlight of its long-wave radiation, which is the heat source, while allowing short-range radiation, the light, into the home.  Radiation is the leading cause of heating and cooling loss in homes so reflecting the radiation while still allowing the light to pass through greatly improves the heating and cooling efficiency.

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While improved energy efficiency is the main benefit of Low-E glass, blocking the sun’s radiation also leads to several other benefits:

  • Improved Comfort: Not only does Low-E glass reduce the radiant heat level of a home, but it also reduces condensation, mold, and mildew as well as outside noises.
  • Lower Energy Bills: Improved energy efficiency means that the heating and air conditioning will have to run less often which leads to lower bills.
  • Protection of Furnishings: Radiation from the sun can cause the color on drapes, carpet, and furniture to fade and Low-E glass reduces this possibility by blocking the radiation.
  • Improved Appearance: Replacement Low-E glass windows not only improve comfort and energy efficiency, but they can also improve the appearance of your home as well.

Installing new vinyl windows with Low-E glass can improve the appearance of your home while also improving the energy efficiency and overall comfort inside the home.

Green T Windows offers vinyl replacement windows with Low-E glass in a range of different styles including double hung, garden windows, sliders, pictures, and more.

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The Benefits of Effective Air Sealing for Your Home

While many homeowners may not immediately notice air leaks around their home, the effects of the air leaks are very noticeable. 

Homes that are not properly sealed tend to have higher utility bills and are more susceptible to moisture damage which could cause structural issues or lead to mold growth.

Making sure that your home is properly sealed throughout is very beneficial as it could help lower your utility bills, improve the comfort of your home, and help decrease its exposure to moisture.

If you believe that your home is not sealing properly, make sure to inspect areas where air leaks are common to look for and repair any problems.  The most common areas for air leaks include drilled holes for pipes or cables, attics and basements, and windows or doors that are not properly sealed.

Holes or gaps in these areas can be repaired with gap-filling materials such as caulk or weather stripping and if your windows or doors are not sealing properly, they can be replaced to form a better seal.

The following are important benefits of making sure your home is properly sealed.

Lower Energy Bills

Homes that are not properly sealed are consistently losing air which means that the heating and cooling is leaking out.  This causes the HVAC system to work harder and turn on more often to get your home to the set temperature.

If your home is sealed properly, the HVAC system will heat or cool your home more efficiently while using less energy which will result in lower energy bills.  The increased efficiency of the HVAC system will also make your home feel more comfortable.

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Less Moisture

Improper sealing not only causes air to leak out, but it also allows moisture or water to leak into your home.  Excess water or moisture can lead to a range of problems such as warped wood and drywall and mildew or mold growth.

Homes that are sealed properly have a much lower risk of developing these problems because they prevent excess moisture from getting in.

Vinyl Replacement Windows Improve Sealing

If your home has old windows, replacing them with vinyl replacement windows can drastically improve the air sealing.  Green T Windows provides and installs several styles of vinyl replacement windows that help improve air seepage by forming a tighter seal that lasts longer than the seal formed by windows with wood or metal frames. Many of our windows also have insulated glass options to reduce air seepage even further.

Inspect your home to make sure that it is properly sealed throughout and if you are losing air through old windows, contact Green T Windows for our vinyl replacement windows.

Things to Consider When Buying Replacement Windows

There are many ways a homeowner can make upgrades to their home and one such upgrade that makes a significant difference is replacement windows.  When windows become worn out, they allow air seepage to occur from the outside which could contribute to higher energy bills.  New replacement windows form a tighter seal to help reduce energy costs and they can also improve the look of your home.  Full window replacement is a pretty big project and it is helpful to take the following ideas into consideration when shopping for replacement windows or a window replacement professional.

Installation Price

During the consultation with a window replacement professional, it is important to remember to discuss the installation price.  Some companies have discounts on the installation if multiple windows are installed and others may include the price of the installation in the overall purchase price of the windows.  It is also important to make sure that the installation services are personalized to your home for better quality installation.

Glass Quality

Many replacement windows come with high quality glass that is either double paned or coated with a specialized coating to help improve energy efficiency.  Double paned windows consist of two layers of glass with a gas between the panes that helps reduce air leakage to retain the heating or cooling within the house.  Specially coated glass such as Low-E glass strips sunlight of its heat to prevent the sun from heating up the home.  Quality window replacement companies will offer new windows with one of these glass types.

Frame Quality

The frame of the window is important for forming the seal that provides insulation and reduces air transfer for improved energy efficiency.  Window frames are available in several materials such as wood, aluminum, vinyl, and fiberglass.  Each material has positive and negative aspects to its function and upkeep.  Make sure to research into what frames a company offers so that you get the window frames that work best for your home.

Energy Certification

Another important aspect to look for when getting new windows is their energy certification.  Most replacement windows are built to improve energy efficiency and will have Energy Star certification.  Windows that have the Energy Star logo meet the qualifications for Energy Star certification and contribute to improved energy efficiency with no sacrifice in performance.  Make sure to look for the Energy Star logo on new replacement windows.

Warranty information

Many companies may claim to offer lifetime warranties on their replacement windows but it is important that you read the terms and conditions of the warranty to make sure that a true lifetime warranty is being offered.  Read over the warranty carefully and do not hesitate to ask questions before making a decision on purchasing the windows.

If you are looking to get new windows for your home, make sure to take these principles into consideration when shopping for replacement windows and a company to install them.  It is important to research the energy efficiency of the window features as well as the installation price and warranties offered by the companies themselves.  Green T Windows offers Energy Star certified vinyl replacement windows with pure virgin vinyl frames that are resistant to cracking and Low-E glass for improved energy efficiency.  Contact Green T Windows to learn more about our replacement window options and installation process.

Choosing a Color for Your New Replacement Windows

How to Choose color replacement windows

Once you decide to have windows replaced in your home, choosing the window style and type of frame is just part of the decision; new window frames have several color options as well. 

There are several things to consider when deciding on a color for new window frames and the color of the frames can differ on the interior and exterior.  Green T Windows offers several interior and exterior color options for each window type.

The following are things to consider when choosing a color for your replacement vinyl window frames.

Walls and Exterior

When deciding on a color for the window frames, it is important to take the color of the walls as well as the exterior of your home into consideration.

The trick is to choose a color for the frames that compliments the color of the walls without clashing or competing.  If you need assistance choosing a color that compliments the color of your walls or exterior of your home, consult a color wheel or one of our window installation professionals for help.


If the color scheme is not consistent throughout your home or you feel like a bold color would clash too much with the existing design, then neutral colors may be your best option for the window frames.

Neutral colors for window frames may include off-white and brown colors such as almond or tan.  These colors are great for adding depth to your windows without clashing with the color of the interior or exterior of your house.

Consider No Color

Even though our vinyl replacement windows come in several colors, that does not mean that you have to choose a color for your windows.

Replacement window frames are available in white and off-white which can create a clean, sharp look and they will match your home regardless of the color and design.  White window frames are an excellent option if you cannot decide on a good color to go with your home.

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If you are having new windows installed in your home, consider these things when deciding on a color for the window frames.

Remember that window frames can be two different colors; one for the interior and one for the exterior.

Green T Windows offers all of our vinyl replacement windows in several color options as well as wood color options including light oak, dark oak, and cherry.

Contact Green T Windows to discuss the different color and style options for new vinyl replacement windows.

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The Benefit of Low-E Glass

Most vinyl replacement windows, including those available from Green T Windows, feature low-e glass, but what is low-e glass and why is it beneficial for your home?  In very basic terms, a material that has low emissivity (low-e) absorbs and emits a low proportion of radiant thermal heat or energy while reflecting a much high proportion.  New windows generally have film coatings to give them lower emissivity which contributes to less heating and cooling loss and better energy efficiency within a home.

All materials have an emissivity value which ranges from 0 to 1.  Materials with a low-e value absorb small amounts of heat while reflecting most of it and materials with a high-e value absorb most of the heat and reflect poorly.  Emissivity values represent the percentage of energy absorbed so a material with an emissivity value of 0.05 absorbs 5 percent of the energy while reflecting 95 percent and a material with a high-e value of 0.90 absorbs 90 percent of the energy while only reflecting 10 percent.

Naturally, glass has a very high thermal emissivity value, but applying special thin film coatings to the glass can give it a much lower emissivity value.  Low-e glass reflects a high percentage of radiant energy and keeps excess heat from transferring to the other side of the glass.  Therefore, low-e glass windows help keep heat inside the home during the winter and reflect the heat from the sun while allowing the light in during the summer to keep the home cooler, ultimately leading to more efficient energy usage and lower bills.

All of the vinyl replacement windows available from Green T Windows feature low-e glass to provide improved energy efficiency.  The low-e coating also reduces water spots for easier cleaning and maintenance.  Contact Green T Windows to learn more about the benefits of low-e glass and our vinyl replacement windows.

When to Get Replacement Windows and Doors for Your Home

Replacing the doors and windows of a home is a huge investment and many homeowners are unsure of whether their homes need new doors or vinyl replacement windows.  However, old doors and windows, especially ones with wooden frames, tend to leak air and let in the heat or cold which could cost more money in the long run in energy bills.  When windows and doors become old and can no longer form a tight seal, then it may be in the homeowner’s best interest to replace the doors and windows of their home.

One good reason to get replacement doors and replacement vinyl windows is to save on home energy costs.  Old windows and doors with worn out seals allow for higher air exchange which directly decreases the efficiency of the heating or air conditioning.  By replacing these doors and windows with replacement doors and windows that form a tighter seal, the energy efficiency will increase and the bills will decrease, sometimes up to 50 percent less each year.

Another reason to replace the doors and windows of a home is to boost the curb appeal and value of a home.  Doors and windows that have become worn out may diminish the look of a home and by replacing them with new doors and windows; you can instantly boost the look of your home as well as its value.  Replacement windows and doors have an excellent return on investment with mid-range window replacement recouping approximately 63 percent of the initial investment and new fiberglass entry doors recouping around 54 percent.

The final reason to consider replacing windows and doors is the security they provide.  As doors and windows become worn out, they may break down or sustain damage that compromises their security.  A broken down door or window is an easy target for a burglar and harsh weather conditions may cause even further damage to an already worn out door or window.  Replacement windows and doors are much more secure and will keep out unwanted visitors as well as inclement weather.

If your home would benefit or be improved in one of these areas with replacement windows or doors, then it may be time to make the investment.  Once you decide to replace your doors or windows, contact Green T Windows for information on our installation services and replacement products.  We carry vinyl replacement windows in a range of different styles as well as fiberglass and steel entry doors.  The investment may seem like a lot up front, but replacing windows and doors will save more money in the long run by lowering energy bills, increasing home value, and providing proper security against intruders and harsh weather.

Fall Season Good Time for Window Installation

The fall season is in full swing in the Chicago area and this time of year may be the best time to replace your windows.  Homeowners who have been considering replacement windows should act now before the cold temperatures of the winter arrive.  Replacing windows in the fall with new vinyl windows is beneficial because the current weather conditions are perfect to handle the replacement and switching to new windows just before the winter will result in increased heating efficiency when the temperature does drop.

The biggest advantage to replacing windows in the fall season is the temperature.  During the window replacement process, a home is open to the outside as the old windows are being removed and replaced by the new windows.  The winter season is much too cold for window replacement and having windows replaced in the summer means going without air conditioning until the job is complete.  The moderate temperatures of the fall are ideal for window replacement because a home will not waste heating or air conditioning during the replacement process.

The fall season is also a great time for replacement vinyl windows because they will increase the heating efficiency of the home right before the winter.  Old windows with wood or metal frames do not form as tight of a seal as vinyl frames which could cause them to be drafty and allow air exchanges that would result in heat loss.  The vinyl replacement windows from Green T form a much tighter seal to limit air transfer and keep the heating in the house.  This will improve the efficiency of the heating system for warmer rooms and lower energy bills just in time for the cold Chicago winter.

If you are considering vinyl replacement windows for your home, contact Green T Windows this fall.  We have 360 Vinyl Replacement Windows available in ten different styles that meet or exceed the Illinois Energy Efficient Building Act.  The 100% pure virgin vinyl frames can be customized to fit any size area and they come in a variety of color options.  Contact Green T Windows for professional window replacement and enjoy better heating efficiency with lower energy bills when the coldest winter temperatures arrive.

Vinyl Replacement Windows Benefits

Replacing the windows of a home is a big project and often a tough decision to make for the homeowner.  Usually homeowners put off new windows until their old windows become dysfunctional or the maintenance becomes a burden.  However, there are many benefits to replacing old windows with vinyl replacement windows that should have homeowners considering the move before their windows break down.  Here are some common benefits of replacement windows.

  • Lower Energy Bills: Over time, old window frames and seals become worn down and allow more air seepage which could affect heating and cooling efficiency.  Vinyl replacement windows form a tight seal to prevent air seepage which will increase heating and cooling efficiency and lower your energy bills.
  • Curb Appeal: The windows are a large aspect of the look of a home both inside and outside.  New windows with vinyl frames that are available in several color options can really transform the look of a home and boost its curb appeal.
  • Light: Our replacement windows contain Low-E glass which allows in natural light from the sun while stripping it of its long-wave radiation to reflect the heat.  This helps improve energy efficiency by keeping out the heat without losing the benefit of natural light.
  • Air Flow/ Noise Reduction: New vinyl windows have improved airflow and ventilation over old windows and their tighter seal also reduces outside noise.  This will make your home feel much more comfortable and give you a better sense of privacy.
  • Easy Maintenance: Vinyl replacement windows are made with the best hardware available for easy operation.  These windows are durable and they adjust to allow access to both sides of the glass for easy cleaning.

Even though your windows may not show obvious signs of failure, replacing them with vinyl windows can still be beneficial to your home.  Green T Windows provides and installs new vinyl replacement windows in several popular styles and color options.  These windows will not only increase the energy efficiency of a home and reduce energy bills, but also greatly improve the look and feel of your home inside and out.

The Advantages of Double Hung Windows

There are replacements available for just about every style of window and double hung windows are among the most common and frequently replaced.  Vinyl replacement double hung windows have several advantages such as easy maintenance, high energy efficiency, and a high return on investment.  The double hung window style has been used in homes since the 18th Century and was popularized during the Victorian era.  Replacement double hung windows with vinyl frames give this classic design a more updated and modern look and feel.

One advantage of replacement double hung windows is that they are very easy to maintain.  These types of windows have movable sashes that allow the window to open from the top or bottom and the sashes are also built to tilt in so that both sides of the window can be easily cleaned.  Double hung windows are also easy to operate and the replacement windows from Green T have fusion welded frames and fiberglass reinforcements to add to their strength and durability.  Our double hung windows are available in several colors and finishes to add a modern touch of beauty to this classic design.

Another advantage of double hung replacement windows is that they are energy efficient which leads to a good return on investment.  Our replacement windows have frames made from vinyl and Low-E glass which help improve a home’s heating and cooling efficiency.  The vinyl frames form a tight seal which reduces the amount of heat loss through leakage and the Low-E glass helps boost efficiency by stripping the sunlight of its heat to keep the home from warming up.  These features will result in lower heating and cooling bills which combined with the added home value of replacement windows brings an average return of investment of over 63 percent.

Replacing double hung windows with vinyl replacements has several advantages including easy maintenance, higher energy efficiency, lower energy bills, added home value, and a good return on investment.  Double hung replacements are also a great way to update a classic window style and improve the overall look of a home.  Green T Windows has several interior and exterior color options available for our double hung vinyl frames to match the interior décor and exterior style of any home.  Contact us for more information about our double hung vinyl replacement windows.

Stay Cool in the Summer Heat with Our Vinyl Replacement Windows

When the hottest weeks of the summer hit, many seek refuge in their own homes with air conditioning. Air conditioning alone generally accounts for around 10% of yearly energy costs and leaky, inefficient windows can cause cool air to seep out which will force the air conditioner to work harder and result in higher energy bills. Replacing old windows with more efficient windows can help lower energy costs and increase the efficiency of your air conditioner, keeping your house cooler in the summer. The replacement windows from Green T feature Low-E glass and vinyl frames which help increase cooling efficiency by reducing heat radiation and leakage.

All of the replacement vinyl windows available from Green T Windows are Energy Star qualified and feature Low-E glass. Low-E, or low-emittance glass, reduces the transfer of heat into a home by cutting out solar radiation which can account for up to 2/3 of total energy loss. An almost undetectable layer of metal or metallic oxides in the glass helps reflect heat radiation while allowing the light from the sun to pass through. Therefore, a room can still fill up with natural light without being warmed up by heat radiation, resulting in more efficient cooling and less work from the air conditioner.

Replacement vinyl windows can also help increase the cooling efficiency of your air conditioner this summer by forming a tight seal to reduce leakage. Windows with a poor seal allow air from inside a home to seep out which can lower the efficiency of heating and cooling. Vinyl window frames form a better seal between the glass and the frame than wood or metal frames and they last much longer. By forming a tight seal, vinyl replacement windows reduce leakage which will help keep in the cool air during the summer as well as the warm air in the winter.

If your energy bills are rising this summer due to inefficient cooling, vinyl replacement windows could help increase your energy efficiency. The majority of cooling loss is through radiation and leakage and vinyl replacement windows alleviate these problems with a tighter seal and Low-E glass which cuts down on radiant heat. Contact Green T Windows to discuss the benefits of vinyl replacement windows and get the most out of your air conditioner to stay cool in the summer heat.