Things to Consider When Buying Replacement Windows

There are many ways a homeowner can make upgrades to their home and one such upgrade that makes a significant difference is replacement windows.  When windows become worn out, they allow air seepage to occur from the outside which could contribute to higher energy bills.  New replacement windows form a tighter seal to help reduce energy costs and they can also improve the look of your home.  Full window replacement is a pretty big project and it is helpful to take the following ideas into consideration when shopping for replacement windows or a window replacement professional.

Installation Price

During the consultation with a window replacement professional, it is important to remember to discuss the installation price.  Some companies have discounts on the installation if multiple windows are installed and others may include the price of the installation in the overall purchase price of the windows.  It is also important to make sure that the installation services are personalized to your home for better quality installation.

Glass Quality

Many replacement windows come with high quality glass that is either double paned or coated with a specialized coating to help improve energy efficiency.  Double paned windows consist of two layers of glass with a gas between the panes that helps reduce air leakage to retain the heating or cooling within the house.  Specially coated glass such as Low-E glass strips sunlight of its heat to prevent the sun from heating up the home.  Quality window replacement companies will offer new windows with one of these glass types.

Frame Quality

The frame of the window is important for forming the seal that provides insulation and reduces air transfer for improved energy efficiency.  Window frames are available in several materials such as wood, aluminum, vinyl, and fiberglass.  Each material has positive and negative aspects to its function and upkeep.  Make sure to research into what frames a company offers so that you get the window frames that work best for your home.

Energy Certification

Another important aspect to look for when getting new windows is their energy certification.  Most replacement windows are built to improve energy efficiency and will have Energy Star certification.  Windows that have the Energy Star logo meet the qualifications for Energy Star certification and contribute to improved energy efficiency with no sacrifice in performance.  Make sure to look for the Energy Star logo on new replacement windows.

Warranty information

Many companies may claim to offer lifetime warranties on their replacement windows but it is important that you read the terms and conditions of the warranty to make sure that a true lifetime warranty is being offered.  Read over the warranty carefully and do not hesitate to ask questions before making a decision on purchasing the windows.

If you are looking to get new windows for your home, make sure to take these principles into consideration when shopping for replacement windows and a company to install them.  It is important to research the energy efficiency of the window features as well as the installation price and warranties offered by the companies themselves.  Green T Windows offers Energy Star certified vinyl replacement windows with pure virgin vinyl frames that are resistant to cracking and Low-E glass for improved energy efficiency.  Contact Green T Windows to learn more about our replacement window options and installation process.