Green T’s Best Spring Cleaning Tips for Windows

We’ve compiled the best spring cleaning tips to keep your windows sparkling and looking their best.

Bay Window with Casement Flankers1. Clean glass with a squeegee – Paper towels can leave traces of fibers and streaks. Using a squeegee eliminates those concerns and also decreases the amount of time spent getting a streak free finish. Use a soft cloth to dry your window if necessary.

2. Use your vacuum attachments – Using the narrowest vacuum attachment to clean your window tracks is the first step to clean window tracks! The vacuum should remove any large debris, dirt, and dust that may have accumulated over the winter.

3. Clean window tracks with a toothbrush – The best way to get in the groves and small corners of your window track is to use a toothbrush or old electric toothbrush and cleaning solution. Just make sure to label the toothbrush so no one tries to use it for teeth later!

4. Use vinegar as a cleaner – using a solution that is 1 part vinegar to 2 or 3 parts water does a great job gently cleaning your dirty windows with supplies that may already be in your home. Bonus: it’s pet and kid safe.

5. Clean screens with a garden hose – Take screens off windows and lay in grass or other non-muddy surface outdoors (make sure you have an organizing system so they go back on their proper windows) Use the strongest wash setting on your garden hose to clean your screens in record time. Use a scrub brush to get any tough, grimy spots. When one side of your screen dry, flip and repeat.

6. Refresh your curtains – Toss your curtains in the dryer on the air-fluff cycle for 10 -15 minutes and hang immediately for a quick refresh that perfectly frames your windows.

7. A throwback tip – give your windows an extra buff shine with a crumpled newspaper. Run the crumpled paper over your window a few times. This tip is an oldie, but a goodie!

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The Advantages of Double Hung Windows

There are replacements available for just about every style of window and double hung windows are among the most common and frequently replaced.  Vinyl replacement double hung windows have several advantages such as easy maintenance, high energy efficiency, and a high return on investment.  The double hung window style has been used in homes since the 18th Century and was popularized during the Victorian era.  Replacement double hung windows with vinyl frames give this classic design a more updated and modern look and feel.

One advantage of replacement double hung windows is that they are very easy to maintain.  These types of windows have movable sashes that allow the window to open from the top or bottom and the sashes are also built to tilt in so that both sides of the window can be easily cleaned.  Double hung windows are also easy to operate and the replacement windows from Green T have fusion welded frames and fiberglass reinforcements to add to their strength and durability.  Our double hung windows are available in several colors and finishes to add a modern touch of beauty to this classic design.

Another advantage of double hung replacement windows is that they are energy efficient which leads to a good return on investment.  Our replacement windows have frames made from vinyl and Low-E glass which help improve a home’s heating and cooling efficiency.  The vinyl frames form a tight seal which reduces the amount of heat loss through leakage and the Low-E glass helps boost efficiency by stripping the sunlight of its heat to keep the home from warming up.  These features will result in lower heating and cooling bills which combined with the added home value of replacement windows brings an average return of investment of over 63 percent.

Replacing double hung windows with vinyl replacements has several advantages including easy maintenance, higher energy efficiency, lower energy bills, added home value, and a good return on investment.  Double hung replacements are also a great way to update a classic window style and improve the overall look of a home.  Green T Windows has several interior and exterior color options available for our double hung vinyl frames to match the interior décor and exterior style of any home.  Contact us for more information about our double hung vinyl replacement windows.

Stay Cool in the Summer Heat with Our Vinyl Replacement Windows

When the hottest weeks of the summer hit, many seek refuge in their own homes with air conditioning. Air conditioning alone generally accounts for around 10% of yearly energy costs and leaky, inefficient windows can cause cool air to seep out which will force the air conditioner to work harder and result in higher energy bills. Replacing old windows with more efficient windows can help lower energy costs and increase the efficiency of your air conditioner, keeping your house cooler in the summer. The replacement windows from Green T feature Low-E glass and vinyl frames which help increase cooling efficiency by reducing heat radiation and leakage.

All of the replacement vinyl windows available from Green T Windows are Energy Star qualified and feature Low-E glass. Low-E, or low-emittance glass, reduces the transfer of heat into a home by cutting out solar radiation which can account for up to 2/3 of total energy loss. An almost undetectable layer of metal or metallic oxides in the glass helps reflect heat radiation while allowing the light from the sun to pass through. Therefore, a room can still fill up with natural light without being warmed up by heat radiation, resulting in more efficient cooling and less work from the air conditioner.

Replacement vinyl windows can also help increase the cooling efficiency of your air conditioner this summer by forming a tight seal to reduce leakage. Windows with a poor seal allow air from inside a home to seep out which can lower the efficiency of heating and cooling. Vinyl window frames form a better seal between the glass and the frame than wood or metal frames and they last much longer. By forming a tight seal, vinyl replacement windows reduce leakage which will help keep in the cool air during the summer as well as the warm air in the winter.

If your energy bills are rising this summer due to inefficient cooling, vinyl replacement windows could help increase your energy efficiency. The majority of cooling loss is through radiation and leakage and vinyl replacement windows alleviate these problems with a tighter seal and Low-E glass which cuts down on radiant heat. Contact Green T Windows to discuss the benefits of vinyl replacement windows and get the most out of your air conditioner to stay cool in the summer heat.