Fall Season Good Time for Window Installation

The fall season is in full swing in the Chicago area and this time of year may be the best time to replace your windows.  Homeowners who have been considering replacement windows should act now before the cold temperatures of the winter arrive.  Replacing windows in the fall with new vinyl windows is beneficial because the current weather conditions are perfect to handle the replacement and switching to new windows just before the winter will result in increased heating efficiency when the temperature does drop.

The biggest advantage to replacing windows in the fall season is the temperature.  During the window replacement process, a home is open to the outside as the old windows are being removed and replaced by the new windows.  The winter season is much too cold for window replacement and having windows replaced in the summer means going without air conditioning until the job is complete.  The moderate temperatures of the fall are ideal for window replacement because a home will not waste heating or air conditioning during the replacement process.

The fall season is also a great time for replacement vinyl windows because they will increase the heating efficiency of the home right before the winter.  Old windows with wood or metal frames do not form as tight of a seal as vinyl frames which could cause them to be drafty and allow air exchanges that would result in heat loss.  The vinyl replacement windows from Green T form a much tighter seal to limit air transfer and keep the heating in the house.  This will improve the efficiency of the heating system for warmer rooms and lower energy bills just in time for the cold Chicago winter.

If you are considering vinyl replacement windows for your home, contact Green T Windows this fall.  We have 360 Vinyl Replacement Windows available in ten different styles that meet or exceed the Illinois Energy Efficient Building Act.  The 100% pure virgin vinyl frames can be customized to fit any size area and they come in a variety of color options.  Contact Green T Windows for professional window replacement and enjoy better heating efficiency with lower energy bills when the coldest winter temperatures arrive.