Questions to Ask in a Consultation for Replacement Windows

The decision to replace the windows of your home is a big one as window replacement is a rather large project.  However, replacement windows can benefit your home in many ways such as improving its look, energy efficiency, and the amount of natural light allowed in the home.  Green T Windows provides complete window replacement services that begin with an in-home consultation.  The following are important questions to ask during the consultation to ensure that you get the right windows for your home.

Will these windows match the interior and exterior of my home and are they customizable?

It is important that your replacement windows are of a color and style that is consistent with the design and décor of your home.  Green T offers windows in wooden styles and various color options to match both the interior and exterior of your home as well as custom colors for more unique homes.  During the in-home consultation, ask about our color options to choose one for your home.

Do you have replacement windows that suit my needs or can existing windows be adjusted?

Green T offers a variety of window types to suit a range of applications but not all homes have standardized window sizes.  Once we help you decide which window types will work best for your home, we take measurements of your windows to determine the right size to fill and seal the space.  All of our replacement window types are customizable for any size glass and frames.

What is the price for the installation with labor included?

It is important to fully understand the cost of a job as large as window replacement and we provide an accurate, detailed quote at the end of the in-home consultation that itemizes the cost of the windows, installation materials, and the labor.  Our in-home consultation and quote are completed at no cost to the homeowner.

Can I expect my home to have improved energy efficiency?

The improved energy efficiency provided by replacement windows is a major reason that some homeowners choose to have them replaced.  You should be aware of what type of improvements to expect as all of our windows are Energy Star qualified with vinyl frames that form tighter seals to reduce air seepage.  Our technicians can help you choose windows that will maximize the energy efficiency of your home.

If you would like to schedule a consultation for replacement windows, contact Green T Windows.  Our technicians will help you decide on the right windows and provide a detailed quote.