Installing New Hopper Windows

When it comes to window replacement, the first windows that come to mind are the double hung and picture windows that are found throughout most homes.  Sometimes homes have small windows in certain spaces that are often occupied by hopper windows.  Hopper windows are small windows with full opening and closing functionality that are usually installed in rooms with limited space like basements and bathrooms.  New hopper windows can not only improve the look of these spaces, but also improve the energy efficiency of your house for lower utility bills.

Hopper windows can enhance the appearance and design of a room and when they are installed next to larger windows such as a picture window, they can help create a truly unique look.  These windows are hinged at the bottom and open inward from the top to let in sunlight and fresh air without allowing in rain.  The design of these windows also makes them very easy to clean.  In addition to the improvement in the look of the room, new hopper windows help improve your home’s security and energy efficiency.

The design of the opening mechanism of hopper windows provides security in rooms that are particularly vulnerable.  These windows have a locking mechanism towards the top of the frame that locks the lever handle where it opens for effective security.  The other advantage of new replacement hopper windows is the improvement in energy efficiency.  Hoppers are the most energy efficient small windows available because they can allow in more air for ventilation when open and their thick glass helps form an effective seal when closed.  You should consider installing a screen with your hopper window if you plan on keeping it open for air.

The one disadvantage of hopper windows is that there are no window treatments that provide adequate privacy with this style.  The best way to ensure your privacy with hopper windows is to have films or tinting added to the window or get a window with etched glass.  If privacy is a concern for you, the window installation experts of Green T Windows can help you choose a hopper window that offers privacy.

If you are considering replacing the hopper windows in your home, contact Green T Windows to learn about our vinyl replacement options.  Our hopper replacement windows are available in a range of frame colors including white, almond, oak, bronze, green, and brick red among others and the vinyl frames form a tight seal that can help bring up to a 60% return on investment.  Talk to one of our window installation professionals to get started on your new window installation.