Installing Garden Windows in Your Home

The spring season is the time of year for fresh gardens and home improvement projects and homeowners can combine both of these principles with the installation of garden windows in their homes this spring.  Garden windows are a unique addition to a home that allow in more sunlight than most window styles and also provide a place for plants and herbs to grow indoors, even during the winter.  They are available with frames in several color options to match the existing décor of the exterior and interior of a home.

One benefit of installing a garden window is that they create a greenhouse effect that allows plants to grow and thrive all year round in your home.  Garden windows have the appearance of trapezoidal boxes with glass panes all around that form a sort of enclosure.  This enclosure allows in plenty of sunlight and ventilation which helps the plants thrive on your window sill.  Homeowners can create a unique indoor garden for their garden windows by using any combination of plants, window boxes, and other objects.  These indoor gardens can also survive in the winter to give a home a touch of spring in the coldest months.

In addition to providing a place for an indoor garden, garden windows also benefit a home by allowing in more sunlight and increasing the energy efficiency of the home.  The increased glass surface of garden windows allows more sunlight to enter a room and the Low-E glass is heat resistant which keeps heat within the home during the winter and prevents heat from the sun from entering the home in the summer.  The tight seal formed by new vinyl frames also decreases heat transfer which results in higher energy efficiency for lower heating and cooling bills.  These energy savings help garden window yield a return on investment of over 60 percent.

If you are looking for a unique window option to put in your kitchen, garden windows are energy efficient and provide a space for an indoor garden that will survive through the entire year.  Green T Windows provides vinyl garden windows available in several color options that will provide a unique touch of elegance to the room.  Contact Green T Windows to learn ore about our available garden window options.