How to Replace a Window Screen

Spring is here! Chances are you have opened the windows once or twice to let in the breeze, but did your check to see if your screens need replacing after the long winter months? Before the bugs start using the holes as a highway into your house, check to see if your screens have any tears in them and we can help you fix them.

What you will need:

  • Fiberglass screening, which costs about $8 a roll.
  • Spline, which is the rubber rope that holds your screen in. Now spline comes in a few different sizes. So bring a piece with you to make sure you purchase the right size. It costs about $5 a roll, and is enough to do two windows.
  • A spline roller, the tool that helps push the spline into the track. A car key works just fine just not as efficient as a spline roller. A spline roller costs about $6.50.
  • A box cutter
  • Scissors

Replacing the Screen:

  1. Unroll your screen to estimate just how much you need. Cut it off so you have a couple inches extra all around the window.
  2. Grab the spline, which will go over the screen, into this channel around the window.
  3. The spline roller has 2 ends. One with a grove in it, like you see here, and one without a grove. Use the end with the groove. The groove fits over the ridges in the spline and helps it go in straight.
  4. Hold your screen up to the window and stick the end of your spline into the corner of a channel. Push it in tight with the tool (or your key). Holding your screen tight, roll the spline roller along the spline, pushing it into the channel.
  5. Continue to push the spline in with the roller all around the window. Make sure you’re always holding the screen tightly so your finished product will be taut.
  6. Once the screen is in, use your box cutter to cut of the excess screen around the edges.

The same principal works for all window screens, old or new. This also works for a screen door. You might find it easier to take the screen out and lay it on the floor.

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Green T at Naperville St Patrick’s Day Parade

Naperville St Patrick's Day Parade 2017

The Naperville St Patrick’s Day parade was this past Saturday, and Green T Windows was there to be part of the fun!

Our team was there walking in the parade alongside many other Naperville residents, enjoying the music, fun, and community.

We are a locally owned business with many of our employees living in Naperville or having grown up there. We love being a part of the community and being able to help Naperville homeowners keep their homes looking great.

Posted by Green T Services on Saturday, March 11, 2017

Yes, it was a cold day for a parade but that didn’t stop us from having fun. There were still lots of people lining the streets cheering, smiling and enjoying the parade.

St Patricks Day Parade

Green T Services had a brand new pickup truck and mobile showroom entered in the parade. Anytime you see our mobile showroom at an event, step inside to view some of our vinyl replacement windows you can have installed in your Naperville or Chicago area home. View our service area

Have a fun St Patricks Day!

Naperville goes green Saturday with annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade – Naperville Sun


Why Choose Vinyl Siding?

Siding Replacement


When it  comes to siding the real issues are whether it will stand the test of time. And in order to that the siding needs to be able to age well by maintaining its shape and color, and low maintenance. Vinyl siding has this ability to hold up with all three of those aspects.

With Green T, the above principles all show in our vinyl siding selection and professional installation. We also offer insulated vinyl siding options, including fullback. Our premium vinyl siding options include, Ovation, Quest, Board+Batten, and Cedar Discovery.

Our vinyl siding will not change shape due to daily temperature fluctuations, nor will it sag. In the rare case of your vinyl siding getting damaged, our siding is designed for easy installation and repair of the damaged section.

Thinking Vinyl Siding isn’t for you? Don’t worry we have a other option available too! Call (630)717-0007  today to learn m
ore or CLICK HERE!

Are you more concerned about the appeal of vinyl siding? Don’t worry, we over a variety of colors, not just tan and white. Our vinyl is fade resistant, so you never have to scrap, paint or stain it.

The best part of vinyl siding is that it basically has no maintenance. Once your choose your color, and have it installed, you only need your garden hose to keep it clean and looking like new!

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There’s no question on why most costumers are picking vinyl siding is the most popular choice for new siding.

With Green T we sell and install a great selection of vinyl siding. Call us today to learn more about our vinyl siding selection!


Tips for Maintaining your New Siding

Home siding should be maintained

You saved for years to get the new siding your house needed, so let’s talk about a few ways to protect your new investment.

By maintaining the proper care of your new siding you will extend the life of your home siding and keep it looking new.

Regular maintenance is also key to ensure that your siding is performing well at insulating your home and keeping the moisture out.

Do Regular Inspections

Every so often go outside and inspect your siding, pay closer attention to where the siding meets doors, windows and the roof. Keep a look out for dents or gaps, and look closely at areas that might be susceptible to damage from trees or long hours of direct sun.

Illinois has a cold climate, which means your siding could show signs of ice damage. Examine your siding under your eaves for stains from water, this would be a classic example of ice damage. You may be able to prevent this condition by sealing gaps around your ducts or pipes in the attic and putting in insulation.

As a general rule of thumb, stay on top of minor problems to avoid high expenses down the road.

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Cleaning your Siding

A quick rinse with your garden hose can go a long way. It keeps your siding free from debris and tree sap. Don’t spray at an angle, this prevents water from getting up underneath the siding panels. Using a soft bristled brush can help to remove any stubborn stains.

Thinking of pressure washing your siding? Keep in mind that some types of siding can be damaged by the high pressure, and it’s often best to hire a professional.

Tips for cleaning specific types of siding

  • Vinyl – Vinyl is relatively maintenance free, and the type of siding that most homeowners prefer. If you have vinyl, it is important to clean it by power washing at least once a year. If dirt and grime sit on the siding for too long it will start to set in. When cleaning, avoid using any harsh chemicals, like ammonia or bleach.
  • Metal  – Once metal siding is installed it’s relatively maintenance free. This siding should get a thorough cleaning every so often just to keep it clean and good looking. Metal siding can be cleaned simply with a hose or pressure washer.
  • Wood-Although wood is a favorite material when its comes to siding construction, it has the highest degree of maintenance. It’s recommended to wash wooden siding with only a hose and not a pressure washer. Using to much water pressure can cause the sealant or paint to come off. And it’s advised to paint wooden siding once every year to make it last longer.

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Preventing Mold from Growing on your Windows

Let’s all take a moment to be honest with ourselves, we have all battled mold at some point in our house, whether it was the old food in our fridge or the shower in the bathroom.

But did you check your windows? Chances are no, cause it’s often the last point you think of checking. Do you even know what mold on windows looks like? Don’t worry we can help identify and prevent the mold from occurring from your window surfaces.

What does it look like?


Mold on window sillIf you look closely at the window sill you can often see the brown/black spots. That’s mold. You spray it with a cleaner and wipe it clean. That’s great because you removed the surface spores, but the spores have more than likely already started developing within the wood. If this is the case for you, your only solution to completely remove the mold is to replace your windows.


mold between window panes

Ever see glass that’s spotty, and you just can’t get them clean? You’ve tried every cleaner known to man and even tried scraping at it with your nail. Well, those spots are mold developing between the window pane. Only way to remove the mold is to again remove and replace the windows.

Learn more about our window replacement here!

How to prevent mold from forming?


Window mold is unsightly, and can be dangerous to our health. Cleaning your house and windows is a very important key in preventing mold growth.

It is essential to regularly clean your home’s interior, to help prevent mold growth. The most common locations where mold is found is in the bedroom and bathroom. That’s because these areas buildup more dust than any other room in the house, so it is important to regularly dust, wipe down and vacuum these areas.

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Another great way to prevent mold in your house to reduce the amount of condensation on your windows. This can be done by setting your air conditioning thermostat above 70 degrees. To maintain proper airflow in your home, it is important to keep ceiling vents open always.

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10 Helpful Fall Cleaning Tasks [A Checklist for Busy People]

Fall cleaning season has arrived! Time to get the last of the outdoor dust and dander out of your home before you seal it up for winter. We’ve compiled a helpful fall cleaning checklist of useful tasks, so you do not have to spend time rounding up your tasks.

  1. Wash the outside of your windows.
    • Since windows are not cleaned often, it’s important to make time to do this task at least a few times per year. Fall is a great time to remove your window screens and scrub the glass clean. You won’t want to do this task during the winter, so it’s best to do a final thorough cleaning now. Use a hose and scrub brush to clean any large debris from the outside of your windows and screens. Wipe down with a microfiber cloth to leave it sparkling clean.
  2. Wash the inside of your windows.
    • Fall’s changing weather is actually helpful for cleaning. Cloudy weather makes it easier to see streaks on your windows and mirrors. Choose a cloudy day to  scrub the inside of your windows with glass cleaner and and microfiber cloth. Pro tip: buff the inside clean with newspaper for a great shine.
  3. Clean your window treatments.
    • Send your delicate material to the dry cleaner or follow special instructions on the tag of your window treatments. If you keep up on the window treatments’ cleaning during the year, you may only need a quick vacuum over the fabric to spruce it up.
  4. Wash your walls.
    • A task to save for a rainy day, washing walls is boring one but can make the room shine. Dust the walls and use a magic eraser on any grease spots.
  5. Clean your upholstery.
    • Vacuum and spot clean as much as you can. Get a professional cleaning if you’ve never had one, or your cushions are particularly dirty or stained.
  6. Have your carpets professionally cleaned.
    • Thank us later.
  7. Test smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors.
    • Change the batteries, too.
  8. Replace the furnace filter.
    • Improve your air quality for the winter season and change the filter. This allows you to breathe cleaner, dander-free air instead of circulating the same dirt, pollen, and debris through your home.
  9. Sweep the chimneys.
    • A job for the professionals, as well. This task helps improve your air quality and also makes your fireplace safer.
  10. Clean and drain your gutters.
    • The rainy weather of fall can sweep leaves into your gutters and clog them up. This can cause drainage issues throughout the wet winter and spring months. Clean the gutters now, or regret it later!