Proper Window Cleaning Techniques for the Spring Season

The Chicago area is getting a taste of enjoyable spring weather and many homeowners in the area are opening their windows up to let in the spring air and sunshine.  The spring season is also the time of year when homeowners focus on home cleaning projects and the windows are one aspect of the home that needs to be cleaned after a long winter.  Having clean windows will not only improve the look of your home, but also allow in more sunlight.  The following are some tips for effective window cleaning that will result in clear windows.

Window cleaning is not a very difficult task as far as home cleaning projects go but it is beneficial to use proper cleaning methods for the best possible results.  The first step is to make sure you have the proper supplies.  These supplies should include a store-bought window cleaner or homemade cleaning solution consisting of water and vinegar, 3 microfiber towels or cloths, and some newspaper.  You should not use paper towels because they leave streaks and fibers on the windows.

Once you have the necessary supplies, it is important to follow these steps for the best results.  First, wipe down the window with one of the clean microfiber towels to remove dust and dirt from the glass and frame.  Then spray the window liberally with the cleaning solution and use the second microfiber towel to wipe off the cleaner.  The third towel should be used to wipe down the window a second time to completely remove the cleaner.  You can then finish off the job by wiping the window a final time with crumpled newspaper.

So as you open up your windows this spring and tackle other spring cleaning tasks, make sure to set some time aside to clean each of your windows.  This will help improve the look of your home and increase the amount of sunlight entering your home.  If you are looking to have some or all of your windows replaced this spring, contact Green T Windows.  We carry new vinyl windows in a variety of styles and provide full installation services.