10 Helpful Fall Cleaning Tasks [A Checklist for Busy People]

Fall cleaning season has arrived! Time to get the last of the outdoor dust and dander out of your home before you seal it up for winter. We’ve compiled a helpful fall cleaning checklist of useful tasks, so you do not have to spend time rounding up your tasks.

  1. Wash the outside of your windows.
    • Since windows are not cleaned often, it’s important to make time to do this task at least a few times per year. Fall is a great time to remove your window screens and scrub the glass clean. You won’t want to do this task during the winter, so it’s best to do a final thorough cleaning now. Use a hose and scrub brush to clean any large debris from the outside of your windows and screens. Wipe down with a microfiber cloth to leave it sparkling clean.
  2. Wash the inside of your windows.
    • Fall’s changing weather is actually helpful for cleaning. Cloudy weather makes it easier to see streaks on your windows and mirrors. Choose a cloudy day to  scrub the inside of your windows with glass cleaner and and microfiber cloth. Pro tip: buff the inside clean with newspaper for a great shine.
  3. Clean your window treatments.
    • Send your delicate material to the dry cleaner or follow special instructions on the tag of your window treatments. If you keep up on the window treatments’ cleaning during the year, you may only need a quick vacuum over the fabric to spruce it up.
  4. Wash your walls.
    • A task to save for a rainy day, washing walls is boring one but can make the room shine. Dust the walls and use a magic eraser on any grease spots.
  5. Clean your upholstery.
    • Vacuum and spot clean as much as you can. Get a professional cleaning if you’ve never had one, or your cushions are particularly dirty or stained.
  6. Have your carpets professionally cleaned.
    • Thank us later.
  7. Test smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors.
    • Change the batteries, too.
  8. Replace the furnace filter.
    • Improve your air quality for the winter season and change the filter. This allows you to breathe cleaner, dander-free air instead of circulating the same dirt, pollen, and debris through your home.
  9. Sweep the chimneys.
    • A job for the professionals, as well. This task helps improve your air quality and also makes your fireplace safer.
  10. Clean and drain your gutters.
    • The rainy weather of fall can sweep leaves into your gutters and clog them up. This can cause drainage issues throughout the wet winter and spring months. Clean the gutters now, or regret it later!